Delhi’s power will be suffocated once again due to stubble pollution, center and state face to face in the name of giving money for management

The national capital Delhi may have to face heavy pollution this time too. Because the governments of Delhi and Punjab have decided to do so during the winter harvest. not to burn the straw Withdrew from the scheme of giving cash incentives. After this decision of the government, once again there is a danger of pollution in Delhi. 2500 per acre was proposed to the farmers of Delhi and Punjab for not burning paddy crop residues. But the central government has rejected it. After this, the state’s Agriculture Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal announced the decision.

However, the proposal demanded Rs 1,500 per acre from the Center and Rs 500 each from Punjab and Delhi. According to the HTK report, both states still intend to proceed with their share of the payments. At the same time, Minister Dhaliwal says that when we are not getting help from the center, then how will we be able to give cash incentive awards to the farmers.

Punjab government had to contribute so much

Apart from this, the minister has directed his officers to avoid extravagance so that it can be ensured that the state is facing serious financial crisis. Although Dhaliwal’s statement has not come under fire from the Delhi or the Central government, officials said that as per the joint resolution, the Punjab and Delhi governments were to contribute ₹375 crore each and had taken an outlay of Rs 1,125 crore from the Centre. Manga, which took the total to Rs 1,875 crore.

In situ management machine being given on subsidy

He said that the Punjab and Delhi governments made a project for the greater benefit of the farmers but the Center rejected it. He said, “But the Punjab government is providing adequate number of subsidized machines to the farmers for in-situ management of paddy straw and also persuading them not to burn the crop residue. According to Dhaliwal, the total expenditure on subsidized machines will be Rs 452 crore and 32,100 different types of machines will be given to the farmers.

Pusa Bio Decomposer will be used

Meanwhile, under an alternative plan, Delhi and Punjab will install Pusa Bio-Decomposer, a microbial solution, on 5,000 acres of land in the agrarian state to prevent stubble burning, through which paddy straw in 15 to 20 days. It is rotted and used as manure.

Paddy cultivation in Punjab this year

As part of a pilot project to be implemented with the help of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), the bio-decomposer will be sprayed over 5,000 acres or 2,023 hectares of land in Punjab. This year the total area under paddy cultivation in Punjab has been estimated at 29-30 lakh hectares. The state produces about 20 million tonnes of paddy straw annually on an average.

Bio decomposer will be sprayed

A joint meeting was held with Punjab Agriculture Minister Kuldeep Dhaliwal and officials of IARI Pusa regarding stubble pollution. In which it was decided that as a pilot project this year under the supervision of IARI, free spraying of bio decomposer would be done in some areas of Punjab.

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