Crops were sown without sufficient rain, now farmers waiting for clouds to rain

Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse along with the Agriculture Department has appealed from time to time to the people not to sow crops without proper rains. There is a saying in rural areas that kharif should be sown by running, but for this also sufficient rain is needed. Farmers due to light rain in Deglur area of ​​Nanded district (Famer) It has sown soybean, tur, cotton and moong. Now the Agriculture Department has expressed apprehension that if the delay in rains continues like this, then the farmers of the district will be given double sowing. (Sowing) crisis and may have to suffer financial loss. On the other hand, Savanta Suresh, a farmer of Malegaon block of Nashik district, says that we had sown cotton due to light rain. Now the cotton seeds have started sprouting, but if there is no rain, then they will dry up and we will lose 30 thousand rupees. If there is no rain at the right time, then there may be a chance of sowing again.

Marathwada has received only 6.38 percent rainfall as compared to the average so far. Although parts of Aurangabad and Nanded districts received rain, it was not sufficient for sowing. However, crops like soybean, tur and green gram can also be grown in less water in the Kharif season. Keeping this in mind, the farmers of Deglur region have sown the crops. Now if the soil is moist enough, the seeds will germinate. However, for growth, rain will be required.

What is the appeal of Agriculture Department?

This year rains have been delayed, but production will not be affected even if sowing is delayed. Farmers have completed plowing for sowing. Yet sowing without rainfall of 75 to 100 mm is dangerous, so farmers should wait for rains to avoid higher costs and more losses. If sowing is not done after enough rain, it will not only stop the crop from growing but the yield will also be affected, so farmers should be patient. Those farmers who have sown and the seed has started to germinate, have no option but to wait for the rains. In view of all these things, the Agriculture Department is appealing that farmers should do sowing work only after the rains, otherwise the crop will get spoiled.

How much damage will be caused by sowing?

The Kharif crop depends on rainfall, so if one dares to sow even if there is not enough moisture, then the growth of the crop stops. Moreover, these crops are short-lived. Therefore, every factor affects him. If you sow earlier and if there is no rain, then you may have to sow again at a cost of Rs 4,000 to 5,000 per acre.

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