Crop ruined due to heavy rains in Maharashtra, farmer asked for compensation by writing a letter to the Chief Minister with his blood

Heavy rains this year in Maharashtra have caused more damage to crops. However, the state government has announced to give compensation to the farmers by doing Panchnama. Under which the assistance amount will start getting in the account of farmers from September 15. But, on the other hand, there are many districts and many such talukas, which have been kept away from Panchnama, due to which the farmers there are disappointed. In such a situation, a farmer in Sengaon taluka of Hingoli district has written a letter to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde with his blood. in which the farmer compensation The question has been asked about keeping away from the process.

In a letter written in blood by the farmer, the Chief Minister has asked the question whether he lives in Maharashtra or in Bihar? The farmer further said that we, also living in Maharashtra, have suffered crop damage in our taluka due to heavy rains. We also need help. The farmer has demanded.

farmers are sad

The farmer says that this year due to heavy rains in the taluka, water from drains and rivers entered the fields. This has caused a lot of damage to the crops. The farmers hoped that the new government would help the farmers through Panchnama. However, farmers in some places in Sengaon taluka have been disappointed.

Panchnama was filled in the areas affected by heavy rains in Sengaon taluka. The taluka administration said that an amount of Rs 32 crore 23 lakh 47 thousand 200 would be distributed among the heavy rain victims. However, four mandals of Sengaon taluka namely Goregaon, Ajegaon, Babhulgaon and Pusegaon were excluded from the heavy rains. There was no panchnama. In such a situation, the farmers here are disappointed.

The farmer wrote this thing in the letter

The farmer has written in his blood letter to state Chief Minister Eknath Shinde that Sengaon taluk received heavy rains at the beginning of sowing. Due to this many farmers have lost their land. Farmers have suffered a lot due to heavy rains. But, all the leaders are busy in their politics. The farmer further said in the letter that the agriculture department has also forgotten the taluka. Further, the farmer wrote that the farmers of Sengaon taluka were standing at the door of death, when there was no help from the agriculture department, in many talukas. The rains have caused massive damage to crops.

The farmer has further written in the letter that in such a situation why these areas were kept away from Panchnama. The Chief Minister had announced in his session..Farmers will not be left in the air, the government will always stand with the farmers. Then why are the farmers of our area being ignored, tell us how the farmers lived.

The farmer has written that if the compensation does not help, then we will give up our life by anointing it with the remaining blood in the body. The farmers of these four areas, which were left behind by the heavy rains, are now waiting for the Chief Minister’s answer. The attention of the farmers suffering from economic loss is now on the decision of the government.

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