Cotton crop affected due to rain in Maharashtra, farmers are demanding compensation from the government

Maharashtra has got relief from rain at this time. But, a few days ago, due to heavy rains in many districts, the farmers had to suffer a lot. This rain has affected agricultural crops. The cotton farmers of Dhule district have also suffered a lot due to heavy rains. due to excessive rainfall Cotton Fungal diseases are being seen on the crop. Along with this, the attack of sucking insects has also increased. Crop is getting spoiled due to stagnation of water in the fields. Due to this, there is an anticipated reduction in the production of cotton, farmers are worried about the increasing pest attack on the crops. Farmers are now demanding compensation from the government by doing Panchnama soon. The farmers of the district say that in the rains, along with cotton, soybean crop is also getting destroyed due to pest attacks.

Damage in 30 thousand hectare area due to rain

This year, there was heavy rain in Sakri taluka of Dhule district, due to which huge amount of water has accumulated in the fields. Due to rain, cotton crops have suffered more and according to initial estimates, 30 thousand hectare area in the district has been affected due to this heavy rain. Last year, cotton was sown in 1 lakh 7 thousand 109 hectares in the district, out of which 77 thousand 295 hectares were produced. This year, 1 lakh 747 hectares have been sown, out of which cotton has been sown in 84 thousand 961 hectares. This year the area under cotton cultivation has increased by eleven thousand hectares as compared to last year.

Farmer demanded to do a panchnama of loss

Heavy rains have caused extensive damage to cotton. The outbreak of fungal diseases is also increasing. Along with this, the attack of sap-absorbing worms has also increased and on the one hand the cost of production is increasing. On the other hand, there may be a decrease in production, due to which the farmers remain worried. Since June, farmers have spent a lot on agriculture. Crops were increased by spraying, weeding and fertilizing. But, due to rain, the farmers got only disappointment. The farmers are demanding that the administration should assess the loss and give compensation soon.

Farmers’ problems increased due to rain

27 lakh farmers are in the grip of heavy rains in the state. After heavy rains in the month of June, the state received heavy rains in the months of July and August. Also, in this current month of September, there has been heavy rain at some places. This has had a huge impact on the farmers of the state. There has been extensive damage to agricultural crops. Along with this, there has also been erosion of agricultural land in many places. The Agriculture Minister has informed that 27 lakh farmers have been affected by this heavy rain in the state. Livestock have also been damaged at some places. So the farmer is upset. Meanwhile, according to the forecast given by the Meteorological Department, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain in the state for the next three to four days.

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