Cotton and soybean farmers will benefit from this scheme of the government, know everything about it

The Maharashtra government is continuously making efforts to increase the production of cotton and soybean in the state. For this the farmers (Farmers) is also being given financial assistance through schemes. Kharif season (Kharif SeasonThe farmers here cultivate soybean and cotton on a large scale. Keeping this in mind, the government is helping the farmers. More recently, Rs 1000 crore has been approved by the state government to increase the production of these two crops. The government is trying to reach 300-400 farmer producer companies by December.FPC) to cover. These companies have to be formed by a group of small farmers.

Regarding the amount released by the government, officials said that a provision of Rs 450 crore has been made for cotton and soybean. Apart from this, Rs 100 crore has been approved for oilseed crops. Dashrath Tambhale, Director, Smart Projects, Maharashtra, said that in Kharif season, about 60 percent of the total area of ​​Maharashtra is under soybean and cotton cultivation. This scheme has been launched to help low income farmers living in low productivity areas. This time, both the farmers cultivating in the Kharif season and the Agriculture Department are excited amidst the forecast of a normal monsoon.

Farmers will get benefit by joining the group

Agriculture Commissionerate Director Agriculture (Extension and Training) Vikas Patil told Hindustan Times that farmers will do farming individually, but marketing work and purchase of machines can be done in groups. If a farmer wants to buy a machine then he may not be able to buy it personally. If some farmers come and work in groups, then the path will become easier for them. Similarly, this scheme will help the farmers and will prove beneficial for them.

Officials of the Agriculture Department said that this scheme has been implemented in 22 districts of the state producing soybeans. At the same time, 17 districts cultivating cotton are under it. Farmers of Maharashtra cultivate maximum soybean in Kharif season. It is the main crop of the state. But this time the situation is a bit different. The farmers of the state are getting attracted towards white gold due to the record rate of cotton received in recent months. The Agriculture Department has also said that this time the area under cotton will increase. In such a situation, they will get a lot of benefit from this scheme started by the state government.

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