CM Channy agrees to farmers’ demands, increases crop damage compensation, meeting on November 23 on debt waiver

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi today held a meeting with 32 farmers associations of Punjab. After the meeting, the farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dalewal said that the government has accepted most of the demands of the farmers. The next meeting on debt forgiveness will be held on November 23. Compensation for damage to cotton crop due to pink locust has been increased to Rs 17,000 per acre.

The Governor will be met. Artificial seeds will be tested and crop compensation will be given to the farmers. A pension scheme will be formulated for farmers and laborers. The shortage of DAP and urea fertilizer will end by November 22.

Note that the situation became tense before the meeting. The farmers had alleged that the Chief Minister’s security had been violated. Due to this the farmers had decided not to attend the meeting. The farmers were saying that Chief Minister Channy should apologize for this behavior but later the matter calmed down.

The situation became very tense and the farmers started chanting slogans against the government. After this the Chief Minister himself came out and persuaded the farmers after which the farmers went inside for the meeting. According to farmers, the meeting was scheduled for 11 am. At the same time the farmers asked why they first held a meeting with Ugrahan Jathebandi at 10 am.

Are He said that we would also demand that the issues of farmers be raised by the leaders in Parliament. Dr. Darshan Pal said that BJP should also listen to the voice of farmers. The march to Parliament is scheduled for November 29.

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