Cattle will start giving more milk after eating these grasses, know their name and specialty

India is an agricultural country. Here, along with agriculture, people lived on a large scale. animal husbandry even do. people milk and Milk Earn good profits by selling the products made from it. However, in order to extract more milk from the animal, it has to be fed a nutritious and balanced diet, on which a huge amount is spent. But, animals also eat green grass with great gusto. This also increases their milk capacity. In such a situation, you can extract more milk from your cattle by feeding them certain types of grass.

In fact, farmers and herders are very concerned about the ability of cattle to give milk in India. In order to extract more milk from the cattle, some get them treated by doctors and some also give different types of injections. However, with these injections, the milk of animals increases for some time, but their health is affected badly. This can also lead to the death of cattle. In such a situation, you can increase the milking capacity of your animals by feeding green grass like Barseem, Jirka and Napier.

Berseem grass is very beneficial for milch animals

According to veterinarians, Berseem grass is very beneficial for milch animals. Many types of nutritious elements are found in it. By eating this, the digestive system of cattle also remains good. Along with this, consumption of Berseem grass also increases the ability of cow and buffalo to give milk. The special thing is that Berseem grass is cultivated by the farmers. It has to be irrigated on time. It is said that animals remain healthy by eating green grass.

Increases milking capacity of cattle

Apart from Barseem, Jirka grass is also effective for milch cattle. This also increases the ability of cattle to give milk. The specialty of Jirka grass is that it requires less irrigation. Also, it gets ready in less time. The months of October and November are considered best for its cultivation. Along with this, vitamins are also found in plenty in Jirka grass, which are essential for cattle.

Ready in 50 days

Napier grass also looks like sugarcane. It has also been considered very nutritious for the diet of animals. Its specialty is that its crop gets ready in just 50 days. Cattle start giving more milk as soon as they consume it.

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