Castor Farming: How is castor cultivation done, farmers are earning profit of lakhs

Very useful at low cost to the farmers from the Agriculture Department of the North cultivation of medicinal plants Information is being given regarding. We are talking about the cultivation of castor. It has been adopted by the farmers of Hardoi district. The Horticulture Department of the district is also actively engaged in taking agriculture towards horticulture. Agriculture Director Dr. Nandkishore told that castor is cultivated for medicinal oil. The plant growing in the form of a bush is commercially very profitable to the farmer.

After the complete growth of the plant, castor seeds come in it. In which up to 60 percent oil is found. This oil is used in varnish, cloth dyeing and soap etc. Its oil is used as Ayurvedic medicine for stomachache, digestion, massage of children, etc. At the same time, the cake obtained after extracting the oil is used by the farmers as organic manure. The special thing is that its oil does not freeze even at zero temperature.

what is the temperature

India is the third largest producer of castor oil in the world after China and Brazil. District Horticulture Inspector Hariom told that less fertile land is required for its cultivation. The pH value of the soil should be around 6 with proper drainage system in farming. Its plants grow well in humid and dry climates. A plant growing at normal temperature develops rapidly. Its leaves are very big. Its plant requires intense temperature during the ripening of the crop.

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Most of the farmers of Uttar Pradesh are cultivating the castor variety of Shankar. Castor oil is beneficial to stop hair fall. By applying it, the hair becomes shiny. Its oil is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine. Castor is being cultivated in many parts of India. India is a country that exports large quantities of castor oil produced abroad. The market price of castor is different in different mandis. But from 54 hundred to 72 hundred, the market price remains with fluctuations.

How to prepare the field for castor

There is a huge demand for castor oil in China, Japan and America. Farmer Rambabu Tripathi told that after plowing the field, suitable amount of cow dung is applied. After re-plowing the field, organic manure is fully introduced. After that, water is applied in the field and it is pulverized. Then the field is left to dry. After drying the field, it is plowed again and the land is levelled by slagging. After this, sulfur and gypsum are added in appropriate quantity.

Right time of sowing in June and July

Castor seeds are sown with the drill method. This process is done by machine or by hand. About 20 kg of seed is used in one hectare. The best time for sowing seeds is considered to be June and July. Irrigation is done as per requirement at an interval of about 20 days after the plant emerges. Its plants should be irrigated only when required. Timely maintenance yields a good crop. Farmers are earning profits of lakhs by selling whose seeds or oil.

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