Bumper yield in chilli cultivation, Hardoi farmer is earning good profits

Farmers fat during rainy days in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh chilli cultivation Taxes are making profits of lakhs. Seeing the progressing farmers of the district, many other farmers are also making up their mind to grow crops that give good production in less time. The economic condition of the farmers is also improving due to the cultivation of this chilli in the district. That is why now farmers are turning more towards the cultivation of thick chillies. At the same time, Kamlesh Maurya, a farmer living in Kinhoti village of the district, has earned a good profit by cultivating this chilli.

Kamlesh’s story has become an inspiration for other farmers as well. Farmer Kamlesh Maurya’s technique of cultivation of thick chillies is proving to be a bumper yield. Maurya told that earlier he used to cultivate crops like sugarcane and maize. But many times due to natural calamity, lack of water, pests on crops, crops used to get ruined. This used to cause them heavy losses. Then he went to the District Horticulture Department and took information about better farming from the District Horticulture Officer.

How did the farmer cultivate chilli

Hari Om, Inspector of the District Horticulture Department, inquired about the area and the land. Then asked him to cultivate thick chillies. Kamlesh did the same. For the first time, the preparation of the crop was started in 1 hectare. Due to which they are getting good benefit today. The farmer told that after applying cow dung manure in the field, he plowed, then after that the weed was separated from the field. Along with making the bunding, he kept the distance of plants about 1 feet apart from making a good system of drainage in the field.

Irrigation by Drip Irrigation

Apart from this, due to the delay in rains, he started cultivating chillies by drip irrigation method. The farmer told that he has used ammonia sulphate as an upper manure, keeping the field weed-free with weeding and hoeing. For pest control, he is spraying neem solution in the field. They have got good profits by taking the first crop to the market.

how much profit

It is being sold in the market for around Rs 60 a kg. At the same time, a few days old thick red chili was being sold for Rs 200 a kg. This is a good sign for farming. Good profit is being made from the cultivation of thick chillies. There is a hope of getting a profit of up to Rs 12 lakh in one hectare in one season.

After one break, the second break is coming out in 15 days. According to the information being received from the Horticulture Department from time to time, he is trying to do farming in a better way. They have tied the stems of chillies by making nets at some distance. Due to which he is going straight upwards. In the first break, about 75 quintals of chillies were obtained in 1 hectare.

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