Black marketing of fertilizers in MP, no action taken against shopkeepers even after complaints, farmers upset

Madhya Pradesh I am not taking the name of cloud of worries over the head of food giver. because the time to sow the crop is running out and Fertilizer There is a lot of trouble in buying. Farmers are worried for fertilizers in Tikamgarh district. On the other hand, shopkeepers are selling fertilizers at high prices. However, even after complaining to the administration, there has been no improvement in the black marketing of fertilizers.

Yes, we are talking about Khargapur town of Bikaskhand Baldevgarh area. Here the fertilizer sellers authorized by the government are openly selling fertilizers at prices higher than the fixed price. In this case, the farmers say that a sack of DAP fertilizer worth Rs 1350 is being sold openly for Rs 1600 and a sack of urea worth Rs 266 is being sold openly for Rs 480. The special thing is that even after complaining about this, no action has been taken against these shopkeepers so far. Farmers allege that everything is mixed in PS mess.

Wheat has to be sown by purchasing fertilizers at an expensive rate

Farmers Prabhudayal Yadav and Virendra Singh told that private fertilizer shopkeepers are selling fertilizer at arbitrary prices in Khargapur city. Farmers are very upset due to this. But it doesn’t make any difference to the officials. Due to the negligence of the officials of the agriculture department, the private fertilizer sellers are charging huge money by selling fertilizers to the farmers at arbitrary prices. Even after complaining, no action has been taken against these fertilizer vendors. In such a situation, farmers are forced to buy fertilizers at high prices and sow wheat.

Videos are going viral on social media

Videos of shopkeepers selling farmers at prices higher than the fixed prices are going viral on social media. Even after the video went viral, the officials are unable to muster the courage to take action against those shopkeepers. Farmers allege that fertilizer sellers are selling fertilizers at arbitrary prices under the protection of officials. The special thing is that the farmer who complains about them is not given fertilizer. Along with this, different types of rules are given to the complaining farmers to get fertilizers, due to which they get upset.

On the other hand, when the matter was discussed with Baldevgarh SDM Saurabh Kumar Mishra, he said that as soon as the complaints are received, the investigation will be done by sending a team from our side. Along with this, the duty of Gram Sevak has been imposed on all these shops. Still the shop operators are selling fertilizers at expensive prices.

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