Bihar State Seed Corporation’s review meeting held, information given about Mission 4.0

Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh in a meeting held at Vikas Bhawan Bihar State Seed Corporation reviewed. On this occasion, the Managing Director, through a presentation, was given updated information about the progress of the corporation since its inception. He was informed by the Managing Director regarding the Mission 4.0 being implemented by the Corporation in the seed production sector. Under this mission, against the target of 4.00 lakh quintals for seed production of various crops, 3.06 lakh quintals have been achieved.

The seed production target set by next year is also expected to be achieved. Regarding processing, it was told that the current processing capacity of 6.30 lakh quintals per annum would be increased to 8.30 lakh quintals per annum from next month after the establishment of 8 TPH plant. In the last three years, the dealer network of Seed Marketing has been strengthened and the number of dealers has been increased to 550. The process of receiving and executing applications online from the blocks where the corporation does not have dealers is going on continuously.

400 quintals of certified paddy seeds were sold in the market

According to the paddy seed target of departmental schemes, 100% self-produced paddy seed has been supplied by the corporation in Kharif 2022. In the present Kharif, 93547.00 quintal paddy seed has been supplied by the corporation, which is the highest quantity till date. The sale of paddy in the open market has been started by the corporation in Kharif 2022. About 400 quintals of certified paddy seeds have been sold in the open market.

Information given about the income expenditure of the seed corporation

The Agriculture Minister was also informed by the Managing Director regarding the financial income-expenditure and manpower of the corporation. Information was also given regarding the latest works started by the corporation, such as home delivery of seeds and applying QR code on seed bags, in which information related to seed production, processing certification, packing etc. is printed. It was directed by the Agriculture Minister that once in every 6 months a meeting of all the seed producing farmers should be held.

Bylaws will be followed

According to the bylaws of the corporation, two farmer representatives should be nominated as members in the board of directors of the corporation. Action should be taken to issue notification for this. Seed production should be made only from the shareholder farmers of the corporation. Such seed producing farmers, who are registered in the corporation but are not share holders, action should be taken to make them share holders within the time limit. He said that the corporation gets the base seeds of various crops from the seed multiplication fields of the Agriculture Department. Special attention should be paid to its quality. After selecting good seed producing farmers, action should be taken to purchase base seed from them by providing them breeder seeds.

SOP will be prepared

According to the requirement of the Aadhar seed of the corporation for the next four years, the indent of breeder seed should be implemented by making an action plan to send it to the central / state institutions. Sample checking of the seeds received from the seed producing farmers is being done at many levels, in which the seeds of the farmers are coming standard at one level and non-standard at the other level, due to which there is a problem in payment of the seeds purchased from the farmers. To diagnose this, a SOP should be prepared with the time limit of the process from sample checking to payment of the seeds purchased from the farmers and accordingly it should be implemented within the time limit.

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