Bhopal farmers are upset due to non-availability of proper price of garlic and onion

Due to lack of rain in many states of the country farmers On the other hand, due to excessive rains in many states, the crops of farmers have been ruined. The biggest problem with the farmers is that after working so hard and getting a good yield, the farmers are not able to get better prices for their products. Due to this the farmers feel disappointed. Similarly, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are also worried because the farmers here are not getting good prices for garlic and onions.

Farmers are very disappointed due to not getting good prices of garlic and onions in Bhopal mandis, the condition of the farmers is that they are not even getting the rent to bring their produce to the market. Due to this, the farmers are suffering a lot. After hard work, the farmers have been forced to destroy their crops. Instead of supporting the farmers in this bad time, the Agriculture Minister of the state has given a controversial statement.

Farmers should not cultivate crops that are damaged

Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, instead of resolving the problem of the farmers, is saying that farmers should not cultivate such crops in which they may suffer loss. Actually, this matter has come to the fore after the audio of a minister’s conversation went viral. According to a website of Madhya Pradesh, Sunil Patidar had called the Agriculture Minister of the state Kamal Patel and told about his problem due to non-receipt of the price of garlic. On this, instead of telling the solution of the problem, the minister is asking the farmer from where should I give good price of garlic.

Agriculture Minister gave this advice

In the audio of the conversation, a farmer named Sunil Patidar is asking what is the rate of garlic sir, in response to this the Agriculture Minister said that from where should I give the rate of garlic. Wait a few days, the rate of garlic will increase four times. On this, the farmer says that after a few days the new crop will come in the market. Apart from this, the Agriculture Minister said that he has the Agriculture Department. Garlic onion does not come under their department. It comes under the Horticulture Department, so the Agriculture Minister advised the farmer to talk to the Horticulture Minister.

farmers cultivate moong

Kamal Patel also said that sometimes farmers also get double triple rate. The Agriculture Minister also said that those crops should be cultivated which get good prices in the market. On this, the farmer said that which crop should be cultivated, Sir Soyabean was cultivated, they have become spoiled, but no officer has come for the survey. On this, the Agriculture Minister said that by cultivating moong, they will earn well in it.

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