Bhagwant Mann government will spend Rs 450 crore to ‘save groundwater’ during paddy cultivation in Punjab

Rabi season is nearing its end. With this, preparations for the Kharif season have started from the state governments and farmers. In these lists of states, the Punjab government is at the top. Actually the main crop of Kharif season is Paddy (Paddy), whose cultivation has always been challenging for the Punjab government and the farmers of the state. Which remains challenging this time too. Under which, to deal with these challenges, the Punjab Government (Punjab Government) is engaged in planning. In this episode, the Punjab Government Paddy farming ,Paddy FarmingA provision has been made to spend Rs 450 crore to save groundwater during this period. This fund has been approved by the Punjab cabinet on Wednesday.

Punjab government will spend Rs 450 crore on direct sowing of paddy

The Punjab government is emphasizing on Direct Sowing of Paddy (DSR) this time to save groundwater during paddy cultivation. With this technique, farmers can sow paddy directly through machines. In order to promote DSR technology in Kharif season, the Punjab government has made a plan. Under which the Punjab government will give financial assistance of Rs 1500 per hectare to the farmers who do direct sowing of paddy. The Punjab government has earmarked a fund of Rs 450 crore for this scheme.

Water will be saved up to 20%

The Punjab government is trying to save electricity and water through a scheme to promote direct sowing of paddy. Agricultural experts are of the opinion that if farmers sow directly in paddy cultivation, then it will save up to 20 percent of water. In fact, according to one figure, 33 liters of water is spent in one kg of paddy crop. Out of which only 600 grams of rice comes out. At the same time, according to another data, the level of groundwater has reached very low in many districts of Punjab. Which is likely to be exhausted by continuous exploitation.

Decision is also important to save on electricity expenditure

By promoting direct sowing of paddy, the Punjab government is planning to save the expenditure on electricity along with groundwater. In fact, during this Kharif season paddy cultivation, the demand for electricity in Punjab is estimated to reach a record 16,000 MW. Which will be one thousand MW more than last year. In fact, it is being estimated that 15 lakh tubewells can be run inside the state for irrigation during the paddy season. Which will run directly on electricity. In such a situation, to meet the power requirements, the state electricity department is making preparations to import coal worth Rs 1,400 crore from outside. In such a situation, if more and more farmers sow paddy directly, then along with water, electricity will also be saved.