Benefit of subsidy in urea is not available in this state, many farmers in trouble

Odisha’s facing shortage of fertilizers for a long time farmers The problem is gone now. Urea has been supplied to the state by the Centre, Chief Minister of the state, Naveen Patnaik has thanked the Center for the supply of urea and said that now the farmers of the state do not need to worry because the state has enough Have stock. However, farmers are forced to buy fertilizers at higher prices due to artificial shortage in the state.

According to an Odisha website, it has been told that the cost of 45 kg urea bag in Balangir, Odisha is Rs 500 while its subsidized price is Rs 266.50 per bag. In the Kharif season, 22,000 metric tonnes of urea was required for cultivating crops, as compared to 30,000 metric tonnes of urea received by the district.

The district has buffer stock of urea

Despite having buffer stock of urea with the district, farmers have to purchase urea by paying higher prices. Instead of getting subsidy to the farmers, they have to pay Rs 200 more per bag. This situation is not only facing the farmers of Balangir. Farmers across the state are forced to buy urea at high prices.

agencies not working honestly

The state is getting urea more than its monthly requirement. A farmer alleged that the current shortfall is created by the government as he has turned a blind eye to the dishonesty being committed by the registered agencies for the sale of fertilisers. Once the fertilizers reach the districts, the State Co-operative Marketing Federation Limited (Markfed-Odisha) supplies 50 per cent of the fertilizers for farmers to Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) and Large Area Multipurpose Societies (LAMPS) at a subsidized price. The remaining 50 percent is sold through private agencies.

Markfed owes crores

Earlier, PACS and LAMPS were picking up fertilizers from Markfed on submission of letter of credit. They sell it to farmers and deposit it in banks and the banks give money to Markfed. However, these cooperatives owe more than Rs 100 crore to Markfed, after which it has stopped supply without advance payment from this year. Most of the packs and lamps have not procured urea with advance payment and black marketing by private agencies took the opportunity. It is noteworthy that due to shortage of urea in Odisha, farmers were facing difficulties in cultivation.

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