Bean cultivation becomes profitable deal for farmers, getting good income at low cost

Bean cultivation has become a profitable deal for the farmers. Farmers are getting good income at low cost by cultivating beans. Vipul Dixit of Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh is one such farmer, who is increasing his income by cultivating beans. He told that for its cultivation, about 30 kg seed is required in about 1 hectare. To prepare the field, he has taken the help of the technique given by the Horticulture Department. This has resulted in a very good crop of beans. Although he has been cultivating beans for a long time, but this time due to the advanced technology of the Horticulture Department, the crop of beans is even better than before.

The farmer told that he has cultivated beans in one hectare. He told that after adding plenty of cow dung manure in the field, the field was plowed thrice. After plowing the field, the pH value of the soil was also checked. It is considered good to have a pH value of around 6 for the cultivation of beans. The farmer told that after controlling the weeds from the field, the beds were made by putting a slag in the field. For this, they have made 5 meters wide beds in the field. Seeds are sown at a distance of about two feet on both sides of the beds. After setting the seeds, light irrigation of the field has been done as per the requirement.

3000 rupees quintal price

A cool climate is required for the cultivation of beans. Sandy soil is considered suitable for the cultivation of beans. The soil should not be alkaline to acidic with proper drainage system. The farmer said that it is estimated that up to 350 quintals of beans can be produced in 1 hectare. The price of the first broken has been found at Rs 3000 per quintal. The farmer told that the bean crop is ready in about 80 days. Once the pods start to emerge after flowering, then after about 1 week it is time for the second crop to break.

The farmer told that this crop lasts for several months. By giving the right manure and water, the bean crop gives good profits to the farmers. He said that I had sown the seeds of Pusa variety of beans in the field which is giving good results. The farmer told that if there is a shortage of moisture in the field, then before sowing it should be done in the field. The germination of seeds requires a lot of moisture. Bamboo earrings can be used to increase the crop of beans. The farmer told that in view of the rain, it is necessary to irrigate according to the requirement of moisture. During the last plowing, he should add nitrogen, potash and phosphorous in proper quantity to the field.

supply in many states

Hardoi District Officer Avinash Kumar said that a large number of farmers in the district are cultivating green and nutritious vegetables, including beans. Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and protein are abundant in green beans. It is a nutritious vegetable that gives a rich diet in the form of a green vegetable. Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that the beans here are being supplied to many districts and states.

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