Banchi top virus is the enemy of banana plants, protect it like this

Banana cultivation is very beneficial for the farmers, as it earns good income. Banana farming In order to earn better income, it is very important to protect it from diseases. Because if it is not treated at the right time, it can cause damage. There is a virus-borne disease called Banchi Tap in Banana. Avoidance of this is very important. One problem is that banana plants have more leaves. Research on banana is also going on regarding this.

Senior fruit scientist Dr SK Singh has tried to find solutions to many problems in the research done on bananas. In the banana plant, only the leaves are some reasons for the leaves and there is also a solution for it. According to Dr SK Singh, while taking the rhizome from the mother plant of banana, gently separate the rhizome from the other plant using a spade or iron bar to break the tissue connecting the rhizome to the mother plant. This “tissue” is found in the rhizome. The rhizome can survive this “isolation” but make sure the rhizome already has its own root system. In some cases, the mother plant is planted deeper than the rhizome and it is often difficult to separate the rhizome. Avoid giving too much water. Over watering causes the rhizomes to rot and eventually die.

take this caution

Farmers should note that the first or second leaf should be narrow, not wide. Most bananas require at least 20 months to produce fruit without freezing. Bunchy top virus is one of the most dangerous diseases in banana. Once infected, a single rhizome (sucker), all attached plants (the mother plant and all its rhizomes) will be infected and all plants will become dwarf. This virus is spread by a banana pest called “aphid” (Pantalonia nigronervosa). These pests are slow and live in colonies and can spread disease within hours.

where to cut the plant

If a newly planted banana is accidentally damaged (eg by hitting an object) or if the plant is weakening but the plant is still alive, simply cut the plant in half. The banana plant will grow again. If you want your bananas to grow organically, do not apply chemical fertilizers. Add manure or any organic manure only. It is advised that as soon as the bananas stop forming in the ghoud (bunch), cut the main flower below the ghoud. This will lead to healthier and larger bananas, as the nutrients that were used for the main flower will now be used to nourish the actual fruit.

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