Banana orchards affected by increasing cold, there may be a decrease in production, increased concern of farmers

The outbreak of cold has increased in the state at this time. At the same time, the increasing cold is also affecting agricultural crops. The farmers cultivating bananas in Hingoli district are in trouble due to this cold. Because the weight of banana is decreasing due to cold and bananas The growth is also slowing down. Due to this, there is a possibility of a decrease of up to 30 percent in the production of bananas.

Due to increasing cold, the weight of banana has decreased. There has been a drop in temperature in most parts of the state. This year, the effect of increasing cold is more on the banana gardens. Due to the severe cold, the weight and growth of banana is decreasing. On the other hand, due to increasing cold, the sales of raw banana peels ready for sale die, due to which the right price is not available in the market. The farmers are facing the brunt of this.

Banana production may decrease

This year, there is a significant increase in the cold in Marathwada. This is affecting the crops. Banana plantations are particularly affected. Banana fruit does not grow properly due to cold weather. This reduces the weight of banana considerably. Also, the cells of the peels ready for sale die, due to which the banana does not look yellow after ripening. As a result, this banana does not get good price in the market. This is causing huge economic loss to the banana farmers. It is estimated that there may be a 30 percent decrease in the production of bananas this winter.

Farmers are getting loss

Banana does not develop properly due to increasing cold. Banana pod does not come out properly. In such a situation, the length of the banana decreases and the distance between the pods also decreases, the farmers said that due to the increase in cold, the color of the banana does not turn dark yellow. And then there is no demand for such bananas in the market. Due to this the farmers have to bear heavy losses. Banana needs temperature between 20 to 38. Farmers told that if the temperature falls below this, then the banana crop gets affected. Farmers have also told that the weight can be reduced by about 30 percent as compared to sowing in June and July.

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