Banana Farming: Farmers asked for MSP of banana, met the Chief Minister with the demand to declare the price of Rs 18.90 per kg

Maharashtra is one of the major banana producing states in the country. The country produced in the state is sent to many places in the world. So a large number of farmers of the state are associated with banana cultivation. But, for the last few years, farmers have expressed their concern about not getting the right price for the banana produced according to the cost. In this episode, now Maharashtra’s banana Product Farmers have asked for the guaranteed price of banana, in simple words, the Minimum Support Price (MSP). In this regard, a delegation of banana growing farmers has met Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on the previous day.

Demand to pay Rs 18.90 per kg

Maharashtra’s Banana Kisan Sangh met Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Saturday, demanding the MSP of banana. During this, the Banana Kisan Sangh has demanded from the Chief Minister to fix the price of banana at Rs 18.90 per kg. Along with this, the Sangh has placed many problems and demands of the banana farmers before the Chief Minister. Kiran Chavan, president of Kela Kisan Sangh, has given this information.

Now farmers get 7 to 8 rupees per kg, the price of banana

Of course ordinary customers buy bananas in dozens. But, traders buy bananas from farmers only at the rate of a kilo. At present, a farmer tells about the price of bananas being received by the farmers that due to better demand in the market, the prices of bananas have been found from Rs 10 to 11 per kg. By the way, the average price ranges from 7 to 8 rupees per kg. The farmer told that up to 5 bananas can easily climb in a banana.

Banana cultivation in more than 90 thousand hectare area

Speaking to TV9 Digital, Kiran Chavan, President, Banana Growers of Maharashtra said that banana is widely grown in Maharashtra. The area of ​​this crop is about 90 thousand 500 hectares in Maharashtra. However, till now banana farmers have not received any kind of price guarantee. He said that farmers are forced to sell bananas at low prices. Kiran Chavan told that it is necessary to get MSP of banana because farmers are getting affected. Farmers are not able to withdraw even their cost.

One and a half lakhs spent on cultivation of one acre

Banana Farmers Association President Kiran Chavan said that the banana growers have also demanded the Chief Minister to set up a Banana Research Center in Pune. He said that this would greatly benefit the farmers. Kiran Chavan told that at least one and a half lakh rupees are spent for the cultivation of banana in one acre. In such a situation, farmers have to sell bananas at a low rate at this time. Due to this, the farmers are incurring huge losses, so the demand of the farmers is that the price of banana should be given at Rs 18.90 per kg. Along with this, they have demanded permission to sell banana plants.

Demand to set up Banana Research Center

At the same time, along with declaring the MSP of banana, there has been a demand to set up a Banana Research Center in Maharashtra. The president of the association said that other products can be made from bananas in the Banana Research Center. If many industries like jam, jelly, chips, banana powder, thread making, compost manure are made in this, then farmers will get more benefit. Farmers should be trained by the government in Banana Research Center. Farmers will get the benefit of this.

Chief Minister assured on MSP of Banana

On behalf of the Banana Kisan Sangh, the demand for MSP of banana has shown positivity from Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. According to the information received from the union, the delegation has also given notice to the Chief Minister regarding all the demands of the farmers. Kiran Chavan has informed that the Chief Minister has assured to find a way out after meeting the concerned department. Banana Farmers Association Vice President Dr. Rahul Bachao, Specialist Director Ravi Digge, Shambhu Army Chief Atul Mane Patil were present in the delegation meeting the Chief Minister.

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