Azolla can be a good option to deal with the crisis of green fodder, increases milk production

Livestock farmers in many parts of the country are battling with the shortage of fodder and its inflation. Late rains and then subsequent heavy rains have further deepened this crisis. In some states, farmers also feed their animals by making paddy straw, but that too has rotted due to excessive rain. Agricultural scientists say that in the states where there is a crisis of fodder animal husbandry Azolla can be used in the work. This may partially address the crisis.

Azolla is mostly used by the cattle rearers of those states where there is a crisis of green fodder. It occurs in water and is a good source of protein. Due to which the quantity of milk increases. That is, it is a good option for the cattle owners who are feeding by buying expensive green fodder. Azolla is called nectar for animal husbandry.

What is Azolla after all?

Azolla is an aquatic plant rich in nutrients. Green algae is found in its leaves. It is the best alternative to animal feed. The important thing is that it does not require much space to prepare it. You take out 95 percent of the Azolla from the water and the next day it will again occupy 100 percent of the space. That means it will be ready. This can increase milk production.

How is Azolla produced?

Animal farmers who want to produce Ajola, surround it with brick and make a bed using plastic. That is, prepare a hose type structure. Fill it with water and put some Azolla plants. Ajolla requires five to 10 cm of water level above the ground surface. For this the temperature should be 25-30 degrees. Due to the lack of special effect on the production of Azolla by the environment and climate, it can be grown in almost all the states of the country.

How much protein is found

Agricultural scientists say that green fodder is an important source for the nutrition and health of milch animals. But it is also a bitter truth of the present time that there is a problem of green fodder. Due to the presence of all the essential nutrients in Azolla, it is helpful in the growth and milk production of cows and buffaloes. According to scientists, it should be washed thoroughly before mixing it in animal feed. It contains 25 to 30 percent protein. It is claimed that it costs less than Re 1 to produce Azolla per kilogram.

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