Asafoetida will be cultivated in India, KVK Uttarkashi has started a plan in the Himalayan region

Efforts are being made to reduce the dependence on imports for asafetida in the country. According to this Asafoetida Efforts are being made to promote the cultivation of A special project is being worked on by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Uttarkashi to promote the cultivation of asafetida. Under this, preparations are being made to cultivate asafoetida in Uttarakhand. At present, 12000 asafetida is imported in the country every year, for this an average expenditure of 1000 million dollars is spent in a year.

In general, asafoetida is also used mainly in the kitchen. It is used for fragrance and medicine. According to the Times of India, CS Raghav, Principal Scientist and Head of KVK Uttarkashi, although some ongoing projects are also being operated for the cultivation of asafoetida. But asafoetida is not cultivated in the country. Due to this the government has to export asafoetida from Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

India will become self-reliant in the matter of asafoetida

CS Raghan further said that the attempt to cultivate asafoetida by poet Uttarkashi is part of the efforts of the central government to cultivate asafoetida in the Hinalaya region. He said that it is the effort of the Central Government to make India self-reliant in the matter of many agricultural products. Regarding this, all the agricultural research institutes of the country have been asked by the central government to work to promote the cultivation of heg. On the lines of this order of the Central Government, CSI ITBT Palampur has started cultivation of asafoetida a few years back in the Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Similar efforts are being made by Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir and KVK Uttarkashi. Therefore, preparations are being made to start the cultivation of asafoetida here.

Plant matures in five years

Pankaj Nautiyal, Senior Horticulture Specialist of KVK Uttarkashi told that asafoetida grows in cold desert-like environment. For this, sandy soil is required. In Uttarakhand, such aeration is found in Harshil and Bagori. The best time to plant its plants is between August and September. When its plants mature in five years, then a gum-like substance comes out from its root. After which asafetida is made after processing. One plant yields 25-30 grams of gum. Its price is 30-40 thousand rupees per kg.

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