Arhtiya and government face to face in Haryana before paddy purchase, strike in grain markets

Before the start of paddy procurement, the Haryana government and the brokers have become face-to-face. Arhtiyas Has announced an indefinite strike in all 135 grain markets of the state from today. Their demand is that the purchase of crops to be done at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) should be done through arhtiyas as before. Whereas the government is now making the payment directly into the bank accounts of the farmers. Arhtiyas are also against linking Basmati paddy species with the National Agricultural Market ie e-NAM platform.

This strike has the support of the opposition parties of Haryana. There is a BJP government in the state. Against which the arhtiyas and traders have closed the grain markets. Farmers have been appealed not to bring paddy to the mandis during the strike. If a farmer brings paddy even during the strike, he will be taken down from the trolley but will not be allowed to buy.

Demand to reduce market fees

The brokers are also demanding to reduce the market fee and HRDF i.e. Haryana Rural Development Fund. Both the fees are 4-4% per quintal. They are demanding to reduce it to one percent each. They say that the government is ruining their business by implementing e-trading ie e-nam system in the mandis. That is why the traders, traders and farmers are all compelled to hit the road.

Crops can be sold anywhere in e-NAM

On the other hand, in response to a question, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that today’s era is of change. In such a situation, many services are being done online. The National Agricultural Market is also a part of that. Now farmers can sell their crops through this to a trader anywhere from Kerala to Assam, where they will get good prices for the crop.

The government is ruining the farmers and arhtiyas

However, Haryana Pradesh Vyapar Mandal’s provincial president Bajrang Garg said that all grain markets across Haryana have been closed in protest against the dictatorial attitude of the government. There is a lot of displeasure among the farmers and arhtiyas due to the order of the government to purchase e-trading of food grains. Whereas over the years, the farmer’s crop has been sold in open bidding through arhtiyas. By selling the crop in open bidding, the farmer gets good prices for his crop, while the government is bent on ruining the farmers and the arhtiyas by issuing new decrees.

Why are farmers angry?

Garg said that the government should buy the crop as before in the open bid through the arhtiyas of the mandi. It is surprising that the government has reduced the market fee and HRDF on paddy from 1 percent to 4 percent. Due to which the farmers will have to suffer. The government should make the market fee on paddy 1% with immediate effect. Arhtiyas should get 2.5 percent commission on every crop purchase.

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