Area under oilseed crops increased in Haryana, know how many hectares mustard was sown

of Haryana Ambala District The trend of farmers towards oilseed crops like mustard and rapeseed is increasing. by this oilseed crops There has also been expansion in the area. According to the report, mustard was cultivated in 2,390 hectares in the district in the Rabi season of 2020-2021, which has increased to 5,160 hectares this year. At the same time, agricultural experts say that expansion in mustard area is a good sign. If there is a good yield of mustard in this season 2022-2023, then farmers can get good profits.

According to media reports, by the middle of November this year, mustard was sown in 4,360 hectares and rapeseed in 2,500 hectares in Ambala district. However, according to the Agriculture Department, the final report of the season has not come yet. If reports are to be believed, the farmers of the district claimed that the production was less in the last season and hence they could not get good returns. But late rains this season delayed sowing of mustard and rapeseed and many farmers failed to increase the area under their oilseed crops.

Farmers selecting oilseed crops

According to The Tribune, despite getting a good price of Rs 6,200-6,500 per quintal for black mustard and Rs 7,200-7,500 per quintal for yellow mustard, farmers were unable to convert it into profit due to low yields. Although the yield was reduced by about 40 percent earlier, the market still valued it highly. Therefore, this time also farmers are opting for oilseed crops in the hope of getting good prices in the market.

good price this time

Farmer Sukhwinder Singh told that like last year, this time also I have sown mustard in eight acres. Due to this, not only the crop gets good price in the market, but after harvesting it, the farmers can also cultivate other crops. At the same time, another farmer Pradeep Chauhan said that last year I had sown mustard in 11 acres, but the mustard crop was damaged due to rain. In such a situation, there was a decline of about 40% in the yield. He said that due to the delay in sowing this year, I have sown mustard in only 7 acres. I hope to get a better price this time.

Can also cultivate other crops after harvesting

At the same time, Ajay Gupta, a businessman, said that in the last season, oilseed crops got more than the MSP and this year also a good area is under them. Some potato farmers have also turned to oilseed crops this year. We are hopeful that the crop will touch a good level in the next season as well. Girish Nagpal, deputy director of agriculture department, said that mustard requires less input than wheat, which makes it more profitable and farmers can also cultivate other crops after harvesting mustard.

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