Alphonso Mango: The first consignment of Alphonso mango reached Vashi Mandi, traders worshiped, know what is the price

Mango is the king of fruits and Alphonso i.e. Hapus is special among mangoes. That’s why people eagerly wait for it. At the same time, mangoes will start arriving in the markets soon in this season. Because at this time in Navi Mumbai’s Vashi Mandi, Konkan to Devgarh alphonso mango The first consignment has arrived. This consignment has reached the famous Hapus mango trader Sanjay Pansar of APMC market. Alphonso mangoes from Deogarh have reached 600 dozen in the market.

Apart from this, 800 dozen mangoes have also reached here from African Malawi. The taste of Malawi mango is also similar to that of Alphonso Mango. Trader Sanjay Pansar says that the arrival of mangoes will start in the season in the first week of March. Pansar told that in March, the price of Alphonso mangoes will be up to Rs.2000 per dozen. If we talk about the present rate, then a dozen are from 4000 to 5000 rupees.

Traders worshiped the first batch of Alphonso mangoes

Dinesh Shinde and Prashant Shinde, two young mango growers from Katwan village of Devad, have sent Hapus mangoes from their orchard to Vashi market in Mumbai. On the first Thursday of Marshish month, the first box of 6 dozen mangoes was sent to Vashi market. The first batch of unseasoned hapus is considered auspicious for business. Not only this, the first batch of mangoes is also worshiped by the chairman of the market. This time also this puja was completed in the presence of all the members of the market management committee. This mango is methodically worshiped and prayed for good weather.

This ancient tradition has been preserved by today’s gardeners as well as traders. That’s why Hapus mango box was worshiped before going to the market. Apart from the country, there is a huge demand for Alphonso mangoes from Maharashtra. This Alphonso mango has also got GI tag.

This year the arrival of the main season will start at the right time

Every year in the month of February, the arrival of mangoes starts in Vashi APMC. Then the main season is March, April and May, in which arrivals increase. Experts say that this year too, mangoes will start arriving in the markets at the right time of the season. Maharashtra is the largest producer of Alphonso. Ratnagiri, Raigarh and Konkan regions have the highest production here. Mango is our national fruit. Alphonso is special in that too. Every year with the beginning of summer, there is a special curiosity among the people who eat it. At least in the Konkan region, the arrival of the king of fruits takes place in the beginning of March. And this year also the arrival is expected to start soon.

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