After onion, garlic became bad, farmers are getting the price of Rs 5 a kg in the market

The painful story of onion was prevalent in the past. In which the plight of onions had created a lot of discussions. In which the price of onion, which had once removed tears from the eyes of the rich because of its price, was found in the mandis up to Re 1 a kg. Due to this the problems of onion producing farmers of Maharashtra had increased. now in a similar fashion garlic It also seems to be moving forward. For example, in the mandis these days, garlic is looking as bad as onions. In which the farmers are getting the price of garlic up to Rs 5 a kg in the mandis. Due to this the difficulties of the farmers have increased.

Problems due to bumper yield

The reason for this plight of garlic is because of the bumper production. In fact, this time there has been a bumper production of garlic in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Its effect has fallen on the price of garlic, in which an unexpected drop has been registered. Traders in the mandis say that in the last three decades they too have not seen this plight of garlic i.e. such low prices.

Price of garlic in azadpur mandi from 5 to 30 rupees per kg

These days, the wholesale price of garlic is being sold from Rs 5 to Rs 30 a kg in Azadpur Mandi, which is one of the largest market in Asia. This is the price of garlic in the market, when the garlic is being transported from the farmer’s field to the market after traveling several hundred kilometers. Because of this many farmers have also shed their crops in water. Regarding the plight of garlic prices, Mohinder Singh Lamba, general secretary of Garlic Merchant Association in Azadpur Mandi, says that most of the garlic in Delhi comes from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Lamba told that at present the price of garlic in Azadpur mandi ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 30 per kg. He says that it has been more than 30 years since he worked as a garlic worker in the mandi. But, they have never seen garlic prices so low. Lamba told that 10 to 12 vehicles are coming to Mandi every day.

There is no chance of increase in the price of garlic

These days the time of Shradh is going on. Due to this the demand for garlic also remains low. However, in the coming months also, the prices of garlic are not expected to rise. In fact, the price of garlic increases during the winter. But, even before this, the prices of garlic are running very low. At the same time, a new crop will come in February. This will reduce the demand for old garlic.

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