After heavy rains, the incidence of pests increased on crops, there may be a decline in production

As soon as the sowing of Kharif crops started, there has been a lot of rain in many parts of the state. Sprouted seeds and many crops have been damaged due to above-average rainfall. At the same time, due to heavy rains in Washim district for 15 consecutive days, crops have been damaged. Due to accumulation of rain water in the fields, the growth of crops has also stopped. It has another side effect. Now the infestation of pests on crops has increased. farmers They say that they are facing double loss. A lot of agriculture has been ruined due to excessive rain and now what is left is being attacked by insects.

As the rain is decreasing. By the way, farming work is gaining momentum again. This year, the effect of insect diseases on crops is more due to longer moisture. Therefore, the expenditure on pesticides will increase. Most soybean crops are being affected by snail and stem scorch. This has added to the problems of the farmers.

There should be complete arrangement for water drainage in crops

Due to excessive rain, many fields are still full of water. The only question before the farmers is how to grow the crop. How much will a standing crop grow in water? Obviously, even if the crop is ready, there may be a decline in production. Agricultural scientists are advising that water should be removed from the fields as soon as possible and spraying of medicines should be done to protect against pests. However, if there is a crisis, then the farmer should solve something. The Meteorological Department has once again predicted heavy rains in Maharashtra.

disease on tur crop

In Mangrulpeer taluka of Washim district, the sowing of Kharif season was completed from June 30 to July 7, but incessant rains since July 8 have led to water logging in the fields and the production of soybean, tur and cotton. The crop is in danger. Due to excessive water, the tur crop is getting disease. Farmers are worried about this. Overall, due to all these problems, there is an anticipated reduction in the yield of tur and soybean.

increased cost of farming

In Maharashtra, farmers were upset due to lack of rain in June this year and now due to more rains. Farmers have sown expensive seeds and fertilizers in Kharif this year, but the crops had to face damage as soon as the seeds germinated in the rain. That’s why many farmers sowed again. Till now the farmers had emerged from the crisis of lack of rain and heavy rains that now the problem of pests on the crops has come to the fore.

The economic burden on the farmers is also increasing due to the increasing outbreak of pests and diseases. Therefore, the reduction in soybean production this year is almost certain. At the same time, farmers’ leaders of Maharashtra say that keeping in mind the problems of the farmers, the administration should get compensation for the loss.

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