After four decades, India will host the World Dairy Summit, the power of animal husbandry will be shown

IDF World after almost 40 years in India Dairy Summit Will happen. About 1500 delegates from 50 countries will participate in it. Dairy scientists, farmers and experts will gather at the India Expo Center in Greater Noida from September 12 to 15. It will be started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India is the largest milk producer in the world. In such a situation, organizing this summit here becomes important. In this, the issue of methane gas emitted from animals will also be discussed on 15 September. Which has become the subject of debate around the world.

The theme of this summit will be Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood i.e. Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood. Union Animal Husbandry and Dairying Minister Purushottam Rupala told in a press conference that in this summit, our livestock farmers and experts related to this field will get to learn a lot from each other. Because experts from all over the world are participating in it. Pier Cristiano, President of the International Dairy Federation, Caroline Amond, Director General of IDF, Secretary of the Indian National Committee of IDF and Meenesh Shah, President of the National Dairy Development Board were also present on the occasion.

Now need to work on milk export

National Dairy Development Board Chairman Minesh Shah said that through this summit, it will help in making a roadmap for the Indian animal husbandry and dairy sector for the next 25 years. This platform is a great opportunity to give world class exposure to the Indian dairy sector. India’s dairy farming system is unique compared to other countries. About 8 crore families of India are associated with this sector.

Through the summit, we will learn about the dairy and animal husbandry sector that the developed countries of the world are doing. We are producing about 23 percent of the world’s milk. We have become self-sufficient in the matter of milk. Now it’s time for us to look at exports. So that the income of the farmers can increase. If you export, you will get a higher price than the domestic market.

Contribution of small livestock farmers will be discussed

UP CM Yogi Adityanath will also attend the program. Let us inform that Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest milk producing states in the country and about 15 percent of the total production of the country comes from here. Before this summit, a series of meetings related to dairy business will start from September 9. During these meetings the contribution of more than 80 million small and marginal dairy farmers of India (who have an average of 2 cattle) will be discussed.

The world will see the success story of India

During the conference, 24 sessions will be organized on the topic Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood. In which various aspects related to the dairy industry will be covered. Apart from this, three technical sessions will also be organized. In which 91 foreign and 65 Indian speakers will be included. Through the conference, India’s success story will be presented to the world, where we can see how the dairy sector is playing an important role in India’s development and women’s empowerment.

What is the strength of Indian dairy sector

  • India is representing the dairy sector of the world with a growth rate of 6 per cent. This rate is three times higher than the world-class growth rate. There is availability of 427 grams of milk per person per day in the country.
  • Milk is the single largest agricultural commodity in the country with an annual value of Rs 9.32 lakh crore. This makes up 23 per cent of the world-class stock.
  • Milk production activity in India is mainly carried out by small and marginal dairy farmers, who have an average of 2-3 cattle.
  • India has a diverse genetic pool of the finest indigenous cattle and buffalo breeds. With 193 million cattle and about 110 million buffaloes, this is the largest number in the world.

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