After drought on Kharif crops, now heavy rains hit, production may be less than expected

The Kharif season has been hit by the weather this year. Due to the low rainfall due to the indifference of the first monsoon, there were drought conditions in many states earlier. Because of this, the cultivation of paddy was affected. For example, the area under paddy cultivation has decreased. In view of this, the Ministry of Food has issued an estimate of reduction in the production of paddy, pulses and oilseeds. Now on Kharif season crops Heavy rain has been killed. Due to this, standing crops have been affected in many states. At the same time, conditions of moisture have started forming in the crops before time. In such a situation, the apprehension of production less than the estimate has increased.

Effect of heavy rain in many states

There has been heavy rain in many states in the past. In which Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand are prominent. These are the same states where the rains were fine in the monsoon season. For example, in the states where the area under paddy cultivation was reduced due to less rainfall, there was more sowing in these states. This had improved the average acreage of paddy. But, the paddy crop has been affected due to heavy rains in the past.

Along with the yield, the quality will also be affected due to rain.

Agricultural experts are not considering the heavy rains in the past. Agriculture experts have said that incessant rains at many places in Punjab may damage kharif crops, especially paddy and cotton. He said that apart from delaying the harvesting of crops, unseasonal rains would not only affect the yield but also the quality of the crop. According to Gurvinder Singh, Director, Punjab Agriculture Department, if the rains continue for two-three days at this stage, the Kharif crops will be affected. This will affect the yield and quality of paddy crop which is in harvesting stage.

Crops fell due to heavy rain, harvesting will be difficult

In many states, the main crop of the Kharif season has been ripened and ready. Whose harvesting process is about to start. But, due to heavy rains in the past, the crops have fallen in the field. Agricultural experts say that due to the rain accompanied by wind, the paddy crop has been flattened, which makes it difficult to harvest the crops.

Increase in humidity will affect the quality

Due to the flattening of paddy crops due to wind and heavy rains, while farmers will have to face difficulty in harvesting, on the other hand it increases the moisture in the crops. According to Dr. SS Gosal, Vice Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University Increasing the level may adversely affect its quality. There is also a possibility of changing the color of the grains, he said.

At the same time, agricultural experts say that the effect of rain will also affect the cotton crop. He said that due to rain and wind, cotton seeds from the plant can fall on the ground. Punjab has planted 30.84 lakh hectares of paddy this season. Paddy procurement will start from October 1.

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