After doing B.Tech, this young man turned from engineer to successful farmer by cultivating dragon fruit

Youth are coming forward in the field of agriculture in the country and are doing farming successfully using new technology. With the advent of youth in agriculture, this sector is becoming the first choice of youth today. This is the reason why young people are adopting this profession leaving a good job. A youth living in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh has adopted this mantra and is progressing. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering, the young farmer chose the barren land for cultivation and dragon fruit farming started of.

After earning a BTech degree in Computer Science from Chennai, Atul Mishra, who lives in Allahganj, Uttar Pradesh, started cultivating the cash crop dragon fruit, which has become an inspiration to many farmers today. According to the news published in NDTV, after doing B.Tech, Atul was offered a good paying job but he chose agriculture instead of a job. Because he wanted to do something for his village and villagers.

wanted to help the villagers

His reasoning behind this was that if he does something for the village and the villagers, then his honor and respect will increase. After doing a lot of research, he decided to cultivate dragon fruit. Atul Mishra told that he brought some dragon fruit saplings, also known as pithya, from Sholapur in Maharashtra in 2018 and planted them on the barren land owned by his family. Then when he got success, he started cultivating dragon fruit in five acres of land.

There are plans to cultivate in seven acres

Atul Mishra now tells that in the next season he will cultivate dragon fruit on his seven acres of ancestral land. He further added that he has now hired three men and one woman to help with dragon fruit cultivation on a large scale. Wheat was earlier cultivated on the land on which he is currently cultivating, but he used to get very less from it.

Atul Mishra does organic farming

Atul Mishra does organic farming and to protect the plants from fungus, cow urine and medicine are sprayed. The enterprising youth said that apart from the fruits, he also sells dragon fruit plants to the farmers coming to him from many states including Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana and also gives tips to the farmers on how to cultivate dragon fruit.

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