After all, what happened that the farmers of Maharashtra started ‘hating’ the cooperative organization NAFED?

The problems of the farmers of Maharashtra are not taking the name of reduction. onion price He has been making her cry for the last four months. Despite the high cost, they have to sell onions to traders at throwaway prices. The aggrieved farmers are also blaming the National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) for getting the low price. They are cursing its management. Because despite being a cooperative institution, Nafed bought onions at half the price this time compared to last year. Due to which traders also got an opportunity to buy onions at low prices.

NAFED was established on 2 October 1958 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. It is constituted under the Multi State Cooperative Societies Act. NAFED was established with the objective of benefitting the farmers and promoting the marketing of agricultural produce. But today the farmers of Maharashtra are not only angry with the exploits of this institution, but have also started hating it. Inflation has increased for everyone as compared to last year, but in the eyes of NAFED, inflation has decreased. That’s why he has bought onions from farmers at half the price compared to last year. About 15 lakh onion producing farmers of Maharashtra are in the grip of low prices this year.

What is the reason for resentment against NAFED?

Pramod Pansare, president of Pune district in Maharashtra State Kanda Producer Shetkari Sangathan, has taken a dig at Nafed. He said that the central government has used NAFED as a double-edged sword to control the prices of onion market. Last year, onion was purchased through Nafed at around Rs 23-24 per kg. However, the same onion has been bought at Rs 10 to 12 per kg this year. Due to reduction in the market price of onions by NAFED, the merchant class also had to buy onions at lower prices.

Farmers angry against Nafed

Actually, the production cost of onion has increased tremendously. The prices of chemical fertilizers and medicines have increased. Petrol and diesel wages have increased. Overall, while the cost of production has gone up in every way, NAFED has bought onions at almost half the price compared to last year. In other words, the onion producing farmers have really been looted. The government has conspired to control the market price by buying onions at low prices through NAFED. In other words, the central government has used NAFED as a double-edged sword against onion growers.

Why is the government not exporting onions?

The farmers were hoping that the onion which is left or is in store will at least get a good price in the market. But even his hope was dashed. Most of the farmers’ stored onions have rotted due to the bad environment. Due to this, the farmers are suffering double losses. The initial estimate of increase in onion cultivation this year came in the month of January itself. The Maharashtra State Onion Producer Farmers’ Association has made constant efforts in this regard to increase the export of onions to the central government and to promote exports. But due to the neglect of the center, despite the bumper production of onion, quantity of onion could not be exported.

In such a situation, how will the farmers get relief?

Pansare alleged that instead of increasing the export of onion, it decreased. Onion growing farmers are in financial trouble due to fall in prices in domestic onion market. This is only because of wrong policy of the government. If there is a slight increase in the price of onion, then an attempt is made to entangle the farmers in a dilemma by imposing an immediate ban on exports. Several measures are taken to control the prices by forming a central team. Every effort is being made to implicate the farmers in dilemma. But when the market price falls, no measures are taken to provide relief to the farmers.

None of the farmers in the agricultural country

Since March, onions are being sold at almost half of the production cost. Onion market prices are not ready to increase due to wrong policies of the government. It is very unfortunate that the rulers as well as the opposition parties are inactive in this regard. It is a great tragedy that in an agrarian country there is no one left for the farmers. In the neighboring country of Pakistan, agriculture has suffered heavy losses due to natural calamities. The prices of agricultural produce have skyrocketed. There the price of onion is also on the sky. At such a time, there is a demand of the Maharashtra State Onion Producer Farmers Organization that the Center should export more and more agricultural produce and onions to Pakistan and provide relief to the farmers of the country.

What is the price the farmers are getting?

Bharat Dighole, founder president of Maharashtra State Kanda Producers Shetkari Sangathan, says that the production cost of onion is reaching Rs 16 to 18 per kg. The cost of inputs for onion cultivation has increased manifold. But, the price of onion is getting from Rs 1 to Rs 5-7 on an average. In such a situation, how will the income of farmers be doubled? Nafed is also responsible for the fall in the price of onions.

Will Nafed answer this?

Dighole says that when the cooperative had bought onions for Rs 23-24 a kg last year, then this year why did they buy it at Rs 10 to 12. He should clarify whether inflation has become half last year which he charged half from last year? If inflation has not decreased but has increased, then he should have bought onions at least at last year’s rate. Now farmers can only hate such an institution, they can only oppose it. Let us inform that Nafed has bought 2.5 lakh tonnes of onions this year. Most of the procurement has been done from Maharashtra.

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