400 farmers of Haryana wrote success story, producing shrimp with salt water

Now the government to increase the income of farmers Fisheries Emphasizing on. In this episode, the Haryana government has started focusing on shrimp production. This year, the state government has set a target of producing 4000 metric tonnes by rearing shrimp in a record 2500 acres. CM Manoharlal says that we are continuously promoting shrimp production in salt water land in Haryana. There are four hundred such farmers in the state. In the year 2014-15, the area under shrimp farming was only 70 acres and the total production is 140 metric tonnes, which has increased to 1250 acres and 2900 metric tonnes in 2021-22.

In a program, the Chief Minister said that in the year 2014, 1 lakh metric tonnes of fish was produced in total 43 thousand acres in Haryana. Whereas this year this target has been increased to 54 thousand acres and 2 lakh 10 thousand metric tonnes. A target has been set to provide 25 lakh fish seeds in the state.

Increased enthusiasm of farmers for shrimp production

The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making new schemes to double the income of farmers. One of them is fisheries too. Ordinary farmer cannot get much income from crops, but can take good income from animal husbandry, fisheries and mushroom production etc. Progressive farmers should go ahead and inspire other farmers to join it. He encouraged the farmers to move ahead in shrimp production.

Shrimp production in salt water

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Jaiprakash Dalal said that those farmers deserve congratulations, who have brought a new revolution in the country by producing shrimp in salt water. The farmers here have also shown the way to other farmers that how the salt water can be removed and fish farming can be done. There is a problem of salt water in 10 lakh acres of land in the state. Not all farmers of the state can take the risk of producing shrimp by incurring such cost, but 400 farmers have now written a success story.

Appeal to order seeds from Hyderabad

Dalal said that there is no such business, in which profit can be taken in six months by investing capital, but shrimp production is such a work, in which capital and cost are completed in six months and can take profit in the next six months. He requested the CM to ensure the arrangement of seeds from Hyderabad for the fish farmers.

loan for shrimp production

Apart from this, a demand was raised to strengthen the fisheries department and open testing labs for fish farmers. Not only this, an appeal was made to make a scheme for setting up additional processing plots. He also requested the farmers to provide loans from cooperative banks for fish farming and shrimp production. Dalal said that he has set a target of making 10 thousand farmers of the state crorepatis by doing shrimp fisheries.

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