1.3 million tonnes of wheat exported from India after restrictions were imposed in May

Indian wheat had made a new identity globally in the past months due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Under which there was demand for Indian wheat from many countries. But, in the meantime, due to the low production of wheat in the country, the central government decided to wheat export was banned. But, after this ban imposed on wheat exports, 1.3 million tonnes have been exported from India to many countries of the world. This export of wheat has been done under remittances and government-to-government (G2G) deals against Letters of Credit (LCs) issued before the ban came into force.

21 lakh tonnes of wheat export approved

In fact, before the ban on wheat exports, the government had approved the export of 21 lakh tonnes of wheat. The English newspaper Financial Express has Report I have been quoted as saying that permits have been issued against the letter of credit for the export of 21 lakh tonnes of wheat. This means that if the government does not relax the restrictions, then based on the LCs issued earlier, about 1.1 million tonnes more wheat can be exported this fiscal.

In fact, on May 13, the central government had banned the export of wheat to curb the rise in domestic prices. However, the government made it clear that it would meet the real needs of neighboring countries and countries facing food crisis through G2G deals and honor supply commitments. Further, the government had said that it would allow shipments already supported by LCs issued prior to the ban.

Exports exceeded 7 million tonnes last year

India exported more than 7 million tonnes of wheat last year. However, in the middle of the Rabi season, the government had set a target of exporting 10 million tonnes of wheat. In this episode, 2.6 million tonnes of wheat was exported before the ban on exports was imposed in May. In this way, so far this year, a total of about 3.9 million tonnes of wheat has been exported, which is more than double compared to a year ago.

Wheat exports to these countries

India has exported maximum wheat to Indonesia and Bangladesh after the ban on wheat exports. However, this year there was a demand for wheat from about 10 countries including Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Jordan.

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